Windows 7 folder sharing - how uninstall Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant?

I’m having the famous problem of not being able to get access to my Windows 7 folder shares.  I’ve tried everything in all the forums (I think!).  One common solution given is to uninstall Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant.  This is NOT available to me to uninstall.  I do see the service running, however, and have disabled it but this does not help. I’ve uninstalled every component of Windows Live I can find but this service remains.   How are you all uninstalling this thing? 

If you can’t Uninstall it, your only choice at that point is to do a restore to a Restore Point that was created before it was installed.

You could try reinstalling it, then it may appear in the add/remove prgorams and you’ll be able to uninstall it

That was indeed the solution - I reinstalled Windows Live and then was able to find Sign-in Assistant to uninstall.  And … I can now see my Windows 7 shares!  I am now fully convinced that all the tweaks being suggested are not required - set up a proper share, make sure you DON’T have Windows Live Sign-in Assistant installed, and things should work fine.  Thanks to all those who have shared their thoughts.

HI Everyone!! how are you?

I have some problemas likes you!..

 When I am trying to see a movie from my Notebook (with Windows 7 64 bit ), i can see the Video, but the subtitle didnt appears, the same movie and subtitle on my External HD or from a friend´s notebook (with Windows XP, NETWORK SHARE) works vey well.

Do you know what i mean? 

Do you think that if i uninstall de Windows Live ID and then plays the movie from a NETWORKSHARE en WDTV, the poblem will fix?


If you can see the video, then sharing is working for you.

I don’t think external subs are supported over the network – I think they have to be attached locally.

Nah, external subs work fine over Network Shares.  But they do NOT work if accessing them via DLNA (A/K/A Media Servers).

Ah, thanks Tony… that must have been what I was (mis)remembering.  All my subs are internal, so I have no experience in what works and what doesn’t with externals.

I will uninstall the “windows live ID”, and then i will try by NETWORKSHARES (with out user and pass :wink: )…then i´ll tell you!

Thank you very much!