Psa: uninstall windows live id assistant to get network shares working

OMG Thank the **bleep**ing Lord…4 hours of reading every **bleep**ing article on the internet on how to share files with Windows 7 and the WD TV Live, I edited registry settings, tons of folder permissions, went into home group and neutered my security settings…nothing worked.

Every time I went to Network Shares then to my PC on the WD TV Live, it wanted a user name and password.  I would just hit okay then it would say invalid name and pass.  I had no idea why it was doing this…I don’t have any name and pass on anything.

Then I read in this forum to uninstall Windows Live ID Sign-In Assistant, I went to control panel, remove programs, uninstalled it and BAM, I just log in as Anonymous with blank password and finally able to access my Windows 7 network shares.

How did somebody figure out that Windows Live ID assistant was causing the problem

I also uninstalled Windows Live ID Sign-In Assistant, and  i access network shares right away.

I dont no way it works but it did.