Windows LIve and WD Sharespace SMB file sharing - DONT INSTALL WINDOWS LIVE 2011

Windows live sign in assistant breaks access smb shares. I fixed this orginally by uninstalling “windows live sign in assistant”, but in the latest 2011 version the sign in assistant cannot be un-installed.

This has been driving me nuts since I upgraded, didnt realise why I couldnd access the sharespace from the Windows 7 64bit workstation, but was fine from all my other XP machines and Archos etc

You will be able to see the sharespace in the workgroup… but when you click on it you will get the following: Windows cannot access [\WDNAS](file://%5C%5CWDNAS)   Error Code 0x80070035

Doesent seam to be any other fix that un installed Windows Live 2011 at this time…

Hopefully this will save someone elses hair… mine has allready gone :slight_smile:

Best Regards


Thanks for the heads up. Greatly appreciated.