Windows 11 built in Linux can now read WDD kddfs virtual file system

10/9/2021 8:58:23 AM

A good OS should always expand basic file system support and not take it away and Windows 11 has done that with its release on Oct 5, 2021. In contrast, a competiting OS from the last year took away its own AFP and SMB support as is apparent in the continuing Big Sur and SMB problems.

With the introduction of Windows 11, it has expanded its Linux support with the improved WSL2. Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is the feature that is available in Windows 10 and enhanced in Windows 11. It allows users to run a minimal Linux distro app in Windows 11 without apparently using any kind of virtual machine manager.

What has not been reported is that now WSL2 has the ability to mount and read and write WD Discovery (WDD) mounted kddfs virtual file system which makes for the first time limited kddfs support under Linux. As shown below, the WDD mounted drive ‘Z:’ is now seen and operable under Linux Nautilus file manager windowed on the Windows 11 desktop, side by side with the Win11 file manager.


If you are installing Windows 11 by upgrade and your WD Discovery doesn’t work, try uninstalling WDD completely and then reinstall it using the latest August 2021 v 4.3.336 build as of this writing. Upgrading Windows 10 to 11 is a very slow process while installing Win11 anew is fairly quick so most users may prefer to not do an upgrade but do a new install.

WD Discovery for Windows
WD Discovery Full installer for Windows


Congratulations to the WDC MCH developers with the latest WD Discovery August 2021 v 4.3.336 build as of this writing working well with Windows 11, but there is no real compeling reason to upgrade to Win 11 if performance is the primary motivation because there is no performance increase. In fact, the simple test of copying and zip (mx0 7z option) 700 files totaling 300 MB to the WDD kddfs private space with Win 11 takes longer and is about 30% slower than earlier versions of Windows. The test showed how easily it is with the MCH to share 700 files (within 20 seconds or so) and optionally share the link or going back and delete all the files quickly.