Windows 10 LAN

I am having trouble connecting to my WD My Cloud 2TB over the LAN through Network (Windows), but I can access it via HTTP. So this seems like a Windows problem. I have enabled NETBIOS over TCP/IP from the network card settings as described in various forums but its still no go. I have no Firewall or Antivirus blocking the connection.

What can it be ?

How long has this been happening and how are you trying to connect to your My Cloud? Are you trying to open it through File Explorer or a WD My Cloud app? Does it have the same workgroup name as your computers?

The problem is occuring after the unit goes to sleep mode.

I am trying to connect via Windows File Explorer (aka Network Neighborhood). Yes, they are all in the same workgroup. (It also connects OK with WD Cloud app).

Weirdly what I lately discovered is, I can connect if I write the IP address to the Explorer Address bar such as \10.0.x.x

Problem usually resolves temporarily when I restart the Windows machine. But after a while it repeats again. Yes, I am guessing its a Windows problem, but I would like to know the reason. Never ran into such problem with Windows7.

I have Windows 10 too with all updates and here is what I get when using File Explorer>Network. See image below.
Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Where do you run into trouble? Are you able to provide an image of what you are getting?