Windows 10 File Manager Won't Show My Book Live Files

I can’t say that I’ve been hacked. I was accessing My Book Live normally when I saw last night’s email. I immediately disconnected it from the internet and connected it to my laptop ethernet port. Now, my laptop recognizes it on the network. I can get to the UI through File Explorer and the UI shows my shares along with storage used for each. However, I can’t get File Explorer to display or map to any of the folders. Is this what others are seeing relative to the hacking, or do I just have a windows problem?

In the web UI, how many storage says you are using? If it’s 3 GB, probably you have been hacked too.
If it shows the correct usage, then probably it’s a problem within your direct connection to the NAS. Check that both computer and NAS have static IPs, valid netmasks and are in the same range. Also, use the device IP address to browse it’s content instead of the hostname

Thank you Aniol. I was able to directly connect the NAS to another laptop this morning using the WD instructions. Not sure why it had a problem with the other. Anyway, thankfully I wasn’t hacked, and I’m currently backing up the NAS so I can continue to use my files and later transfer them to whatever replacement drive WD offers us.