MyBook Live No Longer Shows Up as a Computer Under Network

Hi, been going crazy trying to fix my issue. I have two MyBookLive and am using two Toshiba Laptops running Windows 10. Laptop 1 always sees both MyBookLives as computers when I click on network. Laptop 2 does not see MyBookLives as computers unless I physically restart both devices. I need to do this every time I want to access the drive on Laptop 2. Is there a setting or something in Laptop 2 that is causing the issue? It recognizes both as Media and Storage devices but not as a computer. Any help or guidance is appreciated. Thank you!


are you able to access the devices from their IP address? also try to check if you can see laptop 1 from laptop 2 when you go to network this will help you determine what can be happening. Also try to check if both computers are on the same workgroup.

Check on this link to see if this can help you out:

I think what John is on about is that there are items missing from the Network places window, but the NAS’s are still accessible. I’ve just noticed the same with my computer which is on Windows 10, but I always access the NASs by their UNC paths so not noticed this issue until now.

Thank you both for responding. Believe it or not I finally fixed it and it was something so simple that I feel silly. I had to add them as new devices. I guess they were forgotten after the upgrade to Windows 10.

Add as new devices? Did you add it as a device because they ain’t showing on mine and I got . . .

Exactly what did you do?

Having the same problem here. There was a Windows 10 update in the last week or so, and ever since then It has shown up as you describe.
The update wreaked all kinds of havoc - I had to completely rebuild my HomeGroup and re-attach the network drive to the MyBook for File History to start up again. It was a mess.

Screen snip shown for illustration - MyBook shows up under “storage” if you highlight Netowrk, but does not appear in the device list as before.
In order to open the folders you have to right click > open
a double-click will open the management page in your browser.

Anyone find a solution yet?

At least I’ve got the comfort of knowing it’s not just me.