My Book Live not in 'storage' map in Windows Explorer

I have an WD live Book, 2 GB NAS. I have a new laptop (Windows 10, same as before) and can’t acces my shares with the Windows explorer. When I select ‘network’ in Explorer the NAS is shown, but when i click it it just starts the login screen for my NAS in my webbrowser. It does’nt show the shares. I can see it’s active, when i log on the control screen in the browser.

I have no problem playing music from the NAS with the Android app on my phone.

What do I have to do to get acces to my shares in Windows 10 again? Can someone help me please.


You could refer to the following link:

There’s too much information there, everything points to something else and back again. Can you specify how to get my MyBook device accessible again in a more direct way please?