Windows 10 Cannot access My Book Live with File Browser


I had the same issue with My Book Live after migrating to Windows 10…

After searching through the internet, I think I solved the issue (or at least mine).

What I did was to change my WD name to all CAPS (e.g. not ThisWDC, but THISWDC)… yes, it seems weird but Windows 10 windows explorer only recognizes network names in CAPS.

Let me know if it helps

Neither MyBookLive nor WD MyCloud appear in File Explorer listing

Thanks for the reply.

This issue is of very recent onset (last week or so) on a computer on which File Explorer has successfully accessed both MyBookLive and WDMyCloud for well over a year without any issues.

I am starting to wonder if it may have something to do with one of Microsoft’s ubiquitous surprise updates. I remember that a day or so before I noticed the issue, the computer had restarted itself and was awaiting entry of the password. I hadn’t noticed that an update was pending, but I probably missed it.


That fixed my problem! Thanks.


When attempting to map a drive to the WD device as suggested in another post, Windows 10 responded with:
System error 1272 has occurred.

You can’t access this shared folder because your organization’s security policies block unauthenticated guest access. These policies help protect your PC from unsafe or malicious devices on the network.

Googling that (not Bing as it turns out this is a MS initiated bug) discovers that Windows 10 turns off access to “unsecured” devices by default. from Microsoft discusses how to use Group Policy to change the “Enable insecure guest logons” so that you can once again access the WD device.

WTG M$! Unbelievably frustrating that this would be changed and set as a default without any sort of notification, work-around, or notation in release notes. Regardless, hope this helps someone else.


My fix is, use a sftp client to login the driver with root/welc0me, then navigate to the folder you have permission issue, change the properties to all control 777, set to recursively.


Amazing! This works! Such a simple solution…after sooo much reading!


Hi. I had same problem for a week and I found my own solution.
All your threads helps a lot so I would like to share my solution as well.

I have been using MyBookLive with Windows 7 and had no issue.
and I bought a new laptop with windows 10 pro and I couldn’t find MyBookLive from browser.

My solution has two steps.

  1. To see MyBookLive in File Browser : In Windows Features, turn on ‘SMB 1.0/CIFS Client’

Now you can see MyBookLive in File Browser as computer.
But, if you click it, you cannot access.

I have a few computers and all computer has different situation.
My old laptop, upgraded from windows 7, works well.
My desktop, clean install with windows 10 pro, works well.
My new laptop, factory default with window 10 pro, didn’t work at all.

Only difference between two laptops is simple.
I used local account with my old laptop. After I upgraded to windows 10, I am using Microsoft account.
However, in my new laptop, I don’t have local account, I have Microsoft account only.
(My desktop is using local account only)

So, second step is simple.

  1. On my new laptop, I change it into local account and open File Browser.
  2. I can see MyBookLive and open it.
  3. Use MyBookLive account to log in and Please click the box to keep using same confidential.
  4. Go back to Microsoft account and you can use it normally.

I hope this helps other people.


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