Win XP connect WD wireless to laptop - help with username and password

hi i am having trouble connecting my WD live to my laptop

i am running XP. have right clicked and shared the folders that i want shared. 

on the WD i can see my laptop but when trying to connect it asks for username and password.

i enter my username and password that i use to log on, but it says invalid username and password

can anyone advise what i am doing wrong? do i need to set up a username and password on the share files

i looked at the permissions on the folders i am sharing and it gives permission to “Everyone”

Any help greatly appreciated



If you have them set to share with EVERYONE, then you don’t need to provide your UserID and password.

Use the default of “Anonymous” and an empty password.

thanks! all working, i can get it to access the laptop, but now it’s saying “no media in the folder”

i have shared one folder on my desktop, and one folder in my c: drive

why isn’t the WD finding the shared folders contating the video files?

when using XP, does the files you want to share have to be in particular folders, like my documents?

i have shared the folders and ensure on sharing tab that everyone can access



On that computer, type the command:

net view \[computername]

where [computername] is the name that the WDTV sees for that computer.

Paste the output here.