Can't access shared folders on XP Pro


first of all, I’m very satisfied with this product, yet I am having hard times accessing shared folders on a PC with XP Pro with wireless connection.

Basically, WD TV Live is able to see there’s a network share attached, but it asks me for a login and a password. No matter what I type in, I always get “The media server cannot be accessed”.

I know XP Pro by default asks for a password to be set, so, other than having tried with the administrator and guest accounts, I created a new user just for WDTV. That message keeps coming again and again.

I tried disabling all firewalls, but nothing happens.

On the other hand, from the PC with XP I am able to access the USB HD connected to WD TV Live (even if for some reason it times out every now and then).

Do you have an idea how to solve this issue?

Thanks a lot!


Try this:

Home -> Settings -> Clear Login Info

Then go back and try to access the shared folders with your new user account.

I’ve tried that 5-10 times, doesn’t work.

The timing out issue you have when accessing the USB drive attached to the WD TV Live may be due to the screensaver on the WDTV live

I have started another thread asking about Wake on Lan as the USB drive cannot be seen when the WDTV is on Standby and it was suggested by staff that I set the screensaver to “never”