Username/Password required on Windows XP

Have read thru’ many posts & haven’t found an answer yet. I apologise if it’s been staring me in the face. Just purchased a WDTV Live box & connected it to my router (D-LINK DSL 2640T). I’ve created a network connection with ‘shares’ and have ‘shared’ a folder or 3. I keep hitting a username/password screen which I can’t get past. I’ve tried everything. Reading thru’ a long post - related to Windows 7 mind - I unistalled ‘Windows Live Essentials’, thinking that the ‘sign-in assistant’ might be causing problems, but I’m still stuck. I did (rightly or wrongly) upgrade the firmware to the latest 1.04.10. Anyone out there help ??

Sorry to ask the obvious, but have you tried just the default USERID and password?  anonymous / (no password)

What version of XP?   Home or Pro?

Sorry should have said. Windows XP SP3 HOME (fully up to date). I’ve tried the default - anonymous/‘blank’ and both user accounts on the PC - one with a password + one without - and even the router’s login/password - all to no avail. I’ve got a simple setup really. A PC connected to a router which connects to the internet and this WDTV Live box. It (the WDTV box) connects to the internet OK - youtube etc - and the ‘Check Network’ checks out OK. I just cannot get past the username/password screen when I try to gain access to the PC - BAH !!! I created a new network connection (when I thought sharing might me an issue) which allows sharing and there’s a folder (or 3) shared, but I’m so far stumped. Thanks for trying to help. I appreciate it.

I had the same problem especially after the 1.04.10 update.

i changed to the following settings:

Control Panel;Network & Sharing;

Password Protected Sharing - Off

Media Sharing - On

File Sharing - On

I dont have the problem any more

Hmmm…Haven’t got a ‘Net & Sharing’ in my Control Panel. You sure you talking about Windows XP Home and not Professional ?? Only way I’ve ever gotten ‘Sharing’ to work is via Twonky & TVersity. The former is to be paid-for (albeiet very cheap) and works fine for everything. The latter is free but I have trouble playing .mkv videos with it.