WiFi usb adapters support

I’ve got a TrendNET TEW-648UB wifi usb adapter and it doesn’t work with my WD TV Live (FW 1.01.24). So I wonder if ONLY listed here  


are supported by WD TV Live?

Can I do something to make it work? If there any plans to enlarge the list of supported usb wifi adapters or may be there is some way to make it work by myself? I’ve got a cd with drivers for it. Thank you.

The answer was: only those wi-fi usb adapters that are in the supported devices list can be used with the WD TV Live.

I changed my TrendNet TEW-648UB for TEW-644UB. It was very pity to do that because of 648 model is much smaller than 644. Hope it would be supported in further firmwares.