WiFi signal poor - replace by wifi usb dongle


My WD Live TV have wifi “integrated”, but the signal wifi is very poor.
Can i connect an USB WIFI “dongle” with antenna and deactivate the radio “internal” ?


If your wifi signal is poor (weak) because you have a low bandwidth internet speed, then buying a faster speed can help, but if you have that already, then it is likely due to the distance between router and WDTV. In this case, what is called a “range extender” can strengthen the radio signal between the devices with the range extender placed about midway between the router and WDTV. If distance is too great, even this may not help.


Try to use a couple of Homeplugs if your wifi is weak there your WD TV is. One is connected to your router and the other is connected to your WD TV. I use homeplugs at home to get netacces there the wifi signal is to weak.


Dongle is more slower than router I believe in my experience… So improve the router will be my advice