Wireless dongle - very poor connection

I have just received  WD TV Live and installed it with a Buffalo WLI-UC-GN dongle (very nice and small).

Unfortunately this range on this dongle is nowhere near suitable, the router seems to need no more than 5m and one wall to enable a stable connection.

The router is placed at one corner of the house on the first floor, the TV is in the opposite corner of the house on the ground floor (probably 12-15m through couple of walls and floor). Tough to change either location.

Will a better range dongle provide a suitable solution, or should  I go for the  Zoom 4401AF AP+4.

I did have one of these and it worked nicely but my son has ‘borrowed’ it.

Solved the problem by adding Edimax 7416APn.

Had to add in client mode and connect to network port on WDTV.

In repeater mode, even a couple of meters from the dongle, the signal was poor and transfer rate not good enough for flac music files.