Wireless is poor

Earlier this evening I had little trouble connecting to my BT Home Hub, which is a floor below my newly installed WD TV Live, but now it isn’t interested.

Many of the new features are useless without the wireless connection.

Any advice?

Steve W

Sometimes simply re-orienting or re-positioning the device can improve signal dramatically.

I second TonyPh.  I only had 1 bar in my basement and turned by router 90 degrees toward where the WDTV is located and now have 2 bars.  But I agree that it’s initially weak and maybe a small antenna would have been a nice addition.

Cheers - I’ve tried that, no joy.

I have a 1st gen BT Home Hub which I’ve had for 5 years.  I’ve just rung to order a 3rd gen replacement - they’re supposed to be a lot better.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Steve W