Why is MyCloud backing up duplicated files?!


Does anyone know why it is constantly backing up duplicate pictures/videos/files? For example, if IMG1000 is the original file, it created IMG1000_1 and IMG1000_2 and so on during backup and I don’t know where it came from. It created a disaster in the files.

How do you stop this?

I am using Samsung Galaxy S7 with mycloud app.

Thank you!

For now, disable auto backup until the next mobile app release.
Should be very very soon

Thank you!
Do you know how soon? I have two weeks to decide whether to return the product or be patient and wait for the update.

My advice would be to return it and buy something different.

WD support seem only able to confirm what the device wont do that it really should and don’t respond to any requests for feature updates to make it function like it should.

A few minutes scanning this forum will confirm that.

Like I see in your other recent post WD Smartware and WD backup wont work with the my Cloud home…how daft is that, especially as WD Backup is featured on the WD Discovery app that we are forced to install ?? I got caught out exactly the same…

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February 7, 2018


I already have this app installed since day one. This is where it created unnecessary duplicated backups. I also noticed the ratings are very poor for this app.

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pushb87, I have to admit I agree with what you’re saying after scanning the forum. I got caught the same as you regarding WD Backup on WD Discovery… WD backup created an error nor wouldn’t be able to find the Mycloud either.

A new version of the app was released today
Updated February 7, 2018

Thanks for the quick response. I will try the auto backup and see what it does.

You are joking aren’t you…no wonder so many of us feel duped or cheated over purchasing the MyCloud Home.

Which part of the above statement about the app is true with respect to accessing files on your public folder ?

and you still cant open a pdf file without having to download it first…

come on …get it sorted properly

@pusb87 the subject of this thread is "Why is MyCloud backing up duplicated files?!"
The answer is: A new My Cloud Home mobile app for Android was released on 02/07/2018.

irrespective of the thread title in my opinion the statement regarding the app is incorrect and misleading

I have the latest app and I still getting my files duplicated… Any sugestions?

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Also getting duplicate photos…actually like 10 of the same photos. Very frustrating.

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Very frustrating, I still got mine duplicated. It stops at XX_99.jpg. Good news isn’t it?

Same issue, Very frustrating, will not buy/trust WD again.

your view is shared by many, you are not alone…


I purchased My Cloud this week and installed the most recent apps.

The mobile app has now backed up my ‘camera roll’ from my phone twice (all 700+ photos)! Plus one photo on the first back up was ‘copied’ over 80 times!!

The guide says it will only back up the camera roll has new items. This must be a fault - think its time to return the device.

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I’m having the same issue with files being duplicated from iOS. Has anyone found a resolution?

The problem is unsolved until now.