Why don’t passports last?

Why don’t passports last? I love the storage. I love when it is working. I don’t like when I have start working around something. I have had seven drives in seven years. I know that it has taken me longer than most. I want WD to fix the ejection issue.

Mine do. Have a few that are pushing 10 years old and still working.

Maybe you’re doing something wrong ? :confused:

LOL. What could I be doing wrong other than using it? I plug it in and move filed around. I safely remove it which works for about the first six months. Slowly, it starts to say that it can’t be safely removed. I do all of the troubleshooting. Next, I end up shutting down my computer to get it to disconnect. It is a pattern. I guess that I could choose not to use it. I reformat and it will work for a bit. I have had drives for a lo my time as well. But, I have to do constant maintenance. I do remove it at least four times a day. But, it is an external hard drive. This is its purpose.

It isn’t just me. Many people complain of this issue.

This generally means that something on the PC is interacting with the drive. This could be any number of things from an anti-virus scanning the drive to a file on the drive being open in an application.

Next time this occurs reboot the computer but don’t disconnect the drive. As soon as Windows finishes loading, attempt to safely disconnect the drive. Does the issue occur at this time?