Why does WD Easystore Backup take so long to load?

I have a WD Easystore Portable backup added as an external hard-drive on my MacMini. I use it to save my video home movies in so I can import them into my FCPX editing program. When I open my import part of my FCPX editing program, my WD Easystore is listed under “Cameras” and my other WD External hard drive is listed under “Devices” along with my MacMini hard drive. If my videos were saved in my WD External hard drive, the video is there and ready to import, but if I saved the video in my WD Easystore, I have to wait at least 5 minutes for it to load to my computer. Why is that. Is there a difference between a hard drive and a portable backup? How can I move the Easystore to show under my “Devices” and would that make any difference? Is this the nature of the Easystore backup to have to load onto the computer every time you open it?

Hi i noticed the same too if someone can answer

It sounds like that hard drive that shows up as a camera might have a DCIM folder on it. If it does then FCPX thinks it’s a camera. Take a look at this YouTube. https://youtu.be/x0Z6yVySqgE