New Easystore won't show up on my desktop or anywhere else

I bought a 4TB Easystore yesterday. In the process of setting it up to be used for my storing my photos, I messed up the installation. I wanted to partition the HD for half photos and half as a Time Machine Backup. Whatever I did, I did it wrong. So I decided to uninstall all the WD Software and start over. I just downloaded the WD Discovery software and the WD Utilities from the web. WD Security downloaded just fine as well.The “WD” logo sits on the menu bar next to Adobe CC logo just as it should. It’s all great, except for the fact I can’t find the Easystore on my desktop, in Applications or even on the iMac HD. Before you ask, yes the HD has power and is attached to the back of my machine. The LED flashes slowly and all is right in its empty little world.

It’s not so great in mine, however. I’ve got this thing sitting on my desk doing nothing.

I am using a 27" iMac, 3.8GHz. Intel i5 with 40 meg of ram and the OS is 10.13.6. Now I just need something to make the external HD and the processor communicate. Any ideas?

I am experiencing the same problem. Please advise needed.

I’m still looking…

Hello, I have the same problem with my easy store 4tb and iMac 27" using macOS high Sierra 10.13.6. WD had me replace the USB cable but no luck. They now say they can replace with refurbished disk. Not happy.

I’m sure you’re not happy. My solution? I returned the disk to Best Buy and took a refund. :wink:

Agreed. I called Best Buy after talking to WD this morning, and Best Buy agreed to take it back and replace with new one or other device at same cost. I buy all my computer gear at Best Buy. They are the Best!

Do you recommend any other external drive besides the WD easystore? Maybe one already setup for Mac may not have any issues?

I tend to avoid Seagate, but otherwise I have no preference.

ok thank you!