Which HD or NAS system is best for WD TV Live media player?


i already bought a wd tv live media player third generation.

im very happy with it. it works fine.

im wondering which HD is the best for using it on my home network. maybe a NAS system or wireless HDD?

I dont want to use USB, because I have two wd tv live. so i need a network solution.

plus, is there a way to connect that HDD with the internet? so i can access to my files via wd tv live when i am on vacations etc. ?

plus one last question; once if I connect a local USB HDD to my wd tv live, I can copy files under 200MB without any problems. If the files are bigger than 200BM I can not copy to that HDD. It is always aborting or not starting to copy.



Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

You can use a NAS device with you WD TV, I have mine setup this way so i can access my files, i have not tried accessing them remotely as of yet but locally it works great. Regarding file copy is this through the network ?   

yes it is through network