Fastest USB 2.0 performance : router NAS or WD TV Live NAS?

I have the newer WD TV Live.

I want all my media to reside in an external 2 TB USB hard drive, but i,m wondering where to plug it to serve as a NAS…

Which do you think would give better overall performance (playing files from WD TV Live or any other computer).

-into the WD TV Live (with NTFS partition) or;

-into the Linksys E3200 router (running DD-WRT with ext3 partition)?

Everything is wired (not wireless). Since USB 2 is the bottleneck, it should not make a big difference?

For some reason, I like the idea of using the WD TV Live as the NAS.

Any thoughts for or against?

Thank you for reading my post!

Into the WD TV Live would be the best.

Real transfer speed will be near 3x times fastern than your wired network.

[Around 31MB/s vs 12MB/s]

But theoretically a 12MB/s network speed should be also enough to handle any playback smooth.