What WD drives are used?

Is it known what type of WD disk drives are used for the EX2 configuration? I would apreciate it if someone could tell me the exact hard drive model type for either the 2,3 or 4TB drive!  The reason i ask is so that i can decide whether purchasing a EX2 with built in drives or should it be better to buy it “empty” and get the drives seperatelly! 


WD Red drives.

If you buy the red drives separately along with the diskless EX2 you pay a tiny bit extra (about $10-15 per drive)…but you also then get the option to buy just one drive and run it in JBOD, which is what I did. I don’t need RAID redundancy. I just needed a file server that’s accessible from inside and outside my home.

What is so special about RED drives to be used in EX2 or EX4? Why not use the Green drives?

Cybernut1: what WD NAS do you own?

Why don’t you research a bit on WD’s website for Red drives than ask around here? :slight_smile: But the gist is green drives are meant for desktop use while red drives are meant for a multi-user, always-on, RAID environment.

I have the My Cloud EX2.