Question about using different hdd "colors" in EX2 Ultra

I purchased a WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra diskless a few months ago and I’m using a WD Purple 4TB drive which was a spare from an NVR system. I’ve set it up as JBOD and I’m using it mostly as a media server. Recently I pulled the trigger on a really good deal on a WD Red 4TB which I’d like to add to the second bay of the EX2 Ultra. Is it ok to mix different types of drives?

Allow me to start stating that the best for a NAS system is to use the same disk brand and model across the board.

The Red is more robust than the Purple one. Also, the Red model has a NAS-oriented firmware, unlike his Purple brother but my understanding is that this is not significant enough to cause you any major issues.

Yes, you’ll be fine for your stated purpose with a purple and a red.

Thank you both for your input. If I decide to add the second drive, should I change the raid or should I leave it as is?

Your choice on Raid.

Raid zero - theoretical higher access speed; but loss of one drive results in loss of all data. So backup is essenetial

Raid one - theoretically eliminates HDD as a method of total data loss (since one drive gives a warning. . .and you can still save everything). HOWEVER. . .you are still subject to data loss due to fire; rouge firmware, hardware (NAS BOX) or user error. So backup is essenetial

JBOD is a solid choice - - -you wind up with the full capacity on two logical drives. There is no data redundancy So backup is essenetial

Really depends.