What to do with this NAS?

I have been trying my best to upgrade this NAS (EX2 Ultra). I am on firmware 5.12.108.

I have spent a week installing debian & omv by our friend fox, but i was having issues installing docker and it bricked on me. I kept it on os3 and installed docker, but I noticed the particular container I did wouldn’t allow me to download over 9mib/s even though the same file on the ex2 transmission app would allow me to use my full 300mbps connection. I can’t install any containers due to timezone issues and I feel like tearing my head out.

That being said, has anyone successfully turned this box into what they want? I just want it to be a media repository that i locally stream via kodi, so no fancy transcoding needed. I also want to have it become a seedbox so I don’t have to have my main PC on all the time. I don’t have a router that has vpn capabilities otherwise my life would be a lot easier.

I notice that there are a few options:

-Install debian and omv
-Install entware
-install DSM software
-install docker and use containers that way.

I want to try docker, but I cannot get the new package 19.03.13 since its locked behind bintray.
I want to try entware, but I am experiencing the same issue.
I’ve tried debian and omv but experienced docker issues which disallowed me from installing certain packages I wanted (transmission, vpn, sonarr and radarr, and jellyfin)

The only thing I’ve not tried is DSM, however people have mentioned that it crashes pretty consistently on them.

I know I am just bitching a lot and I want to mention, I have tried a lot. I have learned so much about linux and arm systems in the last week and a bit that I honestly want to consider education so I can work in IT.

Thanks for reading, I needed to rant a little bit, and get this out of my system.