Tearing my hair out with EX2 Ultra


firstly, i have managed to pick up some great tips on this forum since i bought an Ex2 Ultra back in February. I bought it to replace an old Windows Home Server box that eventually had a motherboard failure, and got it because i have had a good experience with a 6TB white mycloud single drive unit i have been running for a couple of years alongside the server with a load of media sat on it.

When i bought the EX2 i also bought a 10tb drive to drop into it, and reformatted a 6tb drive form the server that was less than a year old as the second drive, giving 16TB total storage. i didnt RAID the drives as i didnt want one taking the other one out.

having copied a lot of media content onto the 10TB drive, i set about using the inbuilt dropbox app to sync the contents of my dropbox to the EX2, and immediately ran into the unresponsiveness problems.

having read a lot of similar topics on this forum i decided the best bet was to wait it out. i turned off plex, remote access and all the other things people were saying could slow it down.

unfortunately, the sequence of events has boiled down to:

  1. restart the EX2. the device is then responsive for a while (presumably as it hasnt started the indexing process).
  2. (usually) the next day - it has slowed to a crawl again. very difficult to log into the web interface, although the shares are still available, but running slowly.
  3. days later - drive 2 (the 6TB drive) is showing a red light. there is nothing stored on drive 2 yet. importantly the shares are still available, but running slowly.
  4. restart and go back to step 1. rinse and repeat.

so, figuring there might be an issue with the disc in bay 2 (it wasnt brand new into the NAS), i pulled it, thinking my problems would be over.

unfortunately now, i am in the same scenario, but now drive 1 has a red light after a few days, which leads me to think it might not be an error with the drive itself.

i am at the stage where i cant put up with this any longer. i bought the NAS box as recertified, so presumably the warranty is dead and gone.

anyone got any ideas or experience of how to solve this?

im thinking i might take the dropbox share off and just keep the info cloud based on the dropbox servers. theres an awful lot of small files on there and im wondering if the NAS cant cope.

Ok, so yesterday i had the red LED for the only hard drive in the box - the new 10TB drive. having restarted it, i logged into the console while i still could, turned off and uninstalled the dropbox app, and deleted the dropbox share.

lets see if that makes a difference.

No luck. took longer than usual, but after a week of it running super slowly and being inaccessible, the red LED came on drive 1 again. restarted it and its back to being happy again.

next thing is take off my S3 backup files from it. im trying to strip it back to a point where it will work and build from there so i can identify the problem.


further update.

whilst taking data off the device onto external HDDs i noticed a problem in the file system. i had my digital music stored in the public folder, using an artist/album file strategy. one song of one album was showing as a folder. when you clicked on it, rather than playing the song, it took you to the shared videos folder. rather like standing in between two mirrors and seeing to infinity, my drive started reporting no free space, because it was going down a rabbit hole of a circular folder structure. i deleted the music (not before i had moved the video first as i was worried that deleting the music would also delete my video content) which i had backed up.

i then reformatted both drives and started putting the content back on. so far i dropped my videos, music and audiobooks onto the device, so far so good.

when i initially bought the NAS i transferred the data on as quickly as i could - i had migrated from an old WHS box and hadnt appreciated the hardware limitations of the WD box, coupled with the file indexing. i had a few crashes and lockups and i am thinking my file system problem probably stems from back then.

i will be taking it slowly this time, and giving a decent gap in between a data transfer to let the NAS catch up with its indexing etc. will keep on reporting back.

whilst i realise i havent had any replies to my query, its worth it if someone else stumbles onto my posts.


Of course, I have not copied multiple TB of data onto my drives. . . .probably no more than 100GB at a time.

Glad it is working well for you.

I do use plex. . .but I just point the Plex server to the appropriate media folders. In fact, I have Plex on the NAS and Plex on a PC looking at the same media folders.

I have tried the backup routines. . but I just don’t trust it :wink:

Let me know how the drop box sync works. . .but honestly, I am one of those who now block the NAS from the internet. Lately, I have heard of ransomeware problems with the public shares (which I don’t use)