What to do next with passport ultra if quick test fails

Few weeks ago the 1tb my passport ultra hard drive started showing problems which includes:

  1. showing it in This PC takes long time.
  2. Opening files and folders took long time again & hence chances of accessing files deep inside it is unbearable.
  3. It is however showing in device manager as well as disk management.

So after little googling i tried WD lifeguard and runs only Quick test which it says is failed.
I left it idle for few days but no luck.
Pls. help me in this regard.

PS.screenshot attached.


You can try formatting the drive or even writing zeros. you can also replace the USB cable. However, this dive already failed the DLG Quick Test so this means the drive is not working properly and it is going to fail eventually.
If the drive is still under warranty then I recommend you get it replaced.

Thank You for the reply

I tried with one of my friend’s USB cable but it still the same.

Yes the Drive is still Under warranty and can be replaceable after i format it (if possible or writing zeroes which i don’t know what it means) but before that can you enlighten whether a software named R-studio data recovery can be of any help or not so that i might be able save some data without voiding the warranty.