What should I expect HD over wireless n?

Just got the WD Live TV and trying to figure out it’s limitations with streaming over wireless. Here’s my set up:

Router: Apple Airport Extreme in 5GHZ mode.

USB Adapter: Linkeys WUSB600N.

Router is about 15ft from WD Live unit and is in clear line of site.

Confirmed connection rate (according to stats on router) at 200mbps.


Movie: h264 codec.

Size: 1280x544

Audio: AAC

Bit rate: 2,340

Movie is loaded on a USB drive and connected to back of router and configured as a network drive.

Results: Video playback is fine but audio is completely out of sync.

On another test h264 movie video was also choppy but audio in sync. Any ideas what could be causing these symptoms? I would have thought that a rate of 200mbps would be fine to play back a video stream < 720p?


Okay I think I just realized that this is a bug with AAC, correct?

if it s a mp4 with aac audio, you get stutter…its a bug…

if you ff/rw an mp4 and the audio gets out of sync…bug again.

As for other results you should expect with HD over wireless N: in theory the bandwitdth should be more than enough for even large 1080p files. However in practice it seems that the streaming is much smoother with wired (LAN) networking even if the maximum network speed is lower (100 Mbps instead of ~300 Mbps).

so far my usb hdd connected to my airport extreme isn’t recognized at all :frowning: how have you guys configured your share settings in the airport preferences ? PLEASE HELP!