Can anyone stream HD files wirelessly over network good?

Is there anyone with a network signal strong enough to handle streaming 1080p files? Is this a router issue or a internet issue or both? What can I do to make it so the video doesn’t lose sound or skip around when playing the larger files? All the non-HD stuff works great.

I could stream HD material IF it was compressed enough – using the High Profile in Handbrake on blu-ray discs, for example, 95% of my movies played just fine.

There were enough exceptions (the high bitrate movies that approached or exceeded 17gbs) that I decided to go wired and all my problems went away.  I’d strongly recommend wired UNLESS you are okay with encoding all your HD stuff to a low enough rate (and be aware that in my case the encodes were perfectly fine, indistinguisable from the original source in all cases except for the handful of movies that would not play properly).

It’s a wireless issue.   Wireless companies love to tout that their equipment can handle HD Streaming, but that’s incredibly vague.

I can make mine work about 95% of the time when I force “Wireless N,”  But since I have a half dozen “G” devices, I can’t do that all the time.

DVD Full Rips (ISOs or otherwise) can also be problematic, as the bitrates will be in the 9-10 Mbit/sec realm (as are decent Blu-Ray rips.)

For the same reason, I suggest wired if it’s AT ALL possible.  It just causes MUCH FEWER issues. 

Ya just need to understand the limitations.