What is the WD Quick View app doing?

I have monitored the network traffic to and from my PC - and I see that the WD Quick View app has sent 1GB of data to and from my computer in less than 24 hours. (I have a MyCloud 4TB Drive installed on the network). What is the purpose of this app and why is it doing this? If I do not need it - can I safely uninstall it? Thanks …

Yes, you can uninstall if you want to, you do not have to have it. It provides you with the status of your My Cloud along with other shortcuts. See image below.


For access to your MyCloud local to your network, you don’t need to install any WD software. Nothing. Zip. Nada.

You can set it up and control all its functions via a web browser and the built-in Dashboard control panel.

You can do all file operations by mapping the drive into your computer’s file system, and using your preferred file manager, and use it like any other disk drive within programs.

You can use third party backup/sync programs that actually work, and don’t require you to put files in special locations.