What has to be active on my My Cloud server to support WD Quick View?

I have had a My Cloud EX2 Ultra server for about a month.When I installed it I also installed the WD Quick View application, but found it did nothing but display its own status. I ignored it for a while.

I have PCs on my network which are Windows 7 and Windows 10. None of them seem to work with WD Quick View.

I have recently looked to see what this application is supposed to do. I clearly do not get the displays that others are getting. When I move the mouse over the icon I get a small message saying “WD Quick View”. If I right-click I get two items “About WD Quick View” and “Exit”.

So I have tried adjusting firewall settings. No difference.

It occurs to me that there may be some option in the My Cloud device setup which is needed by Quick View, but which I have configured as off. Anyone have any ideas?



To my knowledge, there is no setting needed in order to have the quickview software see the drives, try to see if somehow you anti virus software might be blocking your drive on quickview. Hope this helps