What is the most stable firmware?

I’m on 2.01.05 (out of the box) and everything is working fine for the most part. My only “gripes” are:

  1. Not all my Youtube playlists show up - I realize they fixed this in the latest firmware

  2. Takes a long time when copying a standard movie .iso file from my pc to the internal hard drive of the WD TV HUB. I’m on a wired connection

What would all of you recommend? Should I just leave well enough alone since I’m happy with everything, minus the 2 above issues?

Concerning the 2nd request you just can’t do a thing about it. It’s limited by the hardware unless they dedicate the cpu to manage data transfer without loading the GUI and give you access to samba.

Well it’s up to you to update and try which suits you. My case I’m on 2.04.13, I’m having minor issues but, I can ignore and live with it.

PS: Don’t worry you can roll back to a previous firmware version if you don’t like the results.


2.04.13 runs quite stable on my HUB (some rare HUB menue freezes), but beware of 2.05.08.

If you don’t need the upgrades & bugfixes from 2.01.05 to 2.04.13 just let things as they are (‘never touch a running system’), otherwise check out 2.04.13. As mentioned above you can rollback again in worst case…

The lame copy speed is a known issue and I don’t think an update helps here. The only tip here is: Always just only ONE copy process at a time. The rest is waiting… :wink: