Which is the MOST STABLE FIRMWARE VERSION for downgrading to in case an update fails?


I was going thru the many posts on the issue of updating to ver 2.7. What struck me was that in case the updat to 2.7 fails for me for some reason, does the factory reset mean that the version the hub resets to is the most stable or can somebody advice as to which is the MOST STABLE FIRMWARE VERSION for the live-hub so that all of us could use that version as a starting point or a base benchmark from which to update from

Iam confused, in the sense that if i need to downgrade, which version should i opt for (other than what was existing on my hub when i started upgrading to say, 2.7). For example i have presently 2.3 (and i do have so many issues with it), and i see that there has been various versions 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 and now 2.7. and also there is the original version 2.2

hope i am making sense and would recieve your advice and help on this



^^ I’m running most basic tasks stable with FW 2.04.13.

I won’t update until there’s a bug free version - at least for the basic features of the box.

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