What driver should I use for my Western Digital My Book 3TB?

I know the term ‘‘If it’s not broke don’t try and fix it’’ is the first thing that will come to mind, AND my Western Digital My Book 3TB  is working NO PROBLEMS.


I have a concern. I checked the driver today and it said the last update for that
driver was 2006 (SEE PHOTO ATTACHED)


That seems a bit old, and not sure if there are OTHER options for a more recent driver I could use for this drive. My concern is that since 2006 many advances have been made, and that there were probably NO 3TB drives back then. It seems a bit outdated.

Any suggestions from someone who REALLY KNOWS. Please do not offer me guesses.




Western Digital uses the drivers that are provided my Microsoft. In order to look for driver updates you can try the Microsoft update page.