Up to date common drivers for Passports?

Hi Guys

I have now accumulated over 10 ‘My Passport’ drives.
Without checking 90% of them are 2Tb, plus a 1Tb and a 3Tb model.

I want to find out :
If I can format each in NTFS (using Windows 10) and use the same WDC SES software drivers on all of them all.

If I can use the same SES software, should I stick to the old 2012 versions or download the latest 32/64bit versions from WDC?

At the moment I dont need any WDC software, other than the drivers. However, I would like to know for sure whether I could use the same WDC software on all of them all? e.g. Backup, Cloud, Encryption

I am hoping I do not have to ascertain the model number for each and have to use different software.

Finally, would the same drivers or software apply to my 3Tb My Book?

Hope that makes sense.


The latest version of each software should work with each drive as long as the drive is compatible wit it.

The best way to know if the drive is compatible with the software is by knowing if the drive came with that software when you purchased it.

You can also take a look at each drive download page and see if the drive came with the software or not.

Go to the link below, then go to “products” and find the model number of the drive in question.

Thanks Hamlet