What are the steps to enable SSH

I will be getting a replacement drive since I cannot access Dashboard or even WD Quick View frequently.

Searching, I see that I must use the browser to access mybooklive/ui/ssh “within” Dashboard; not very clear & Dashboard doesn’t have anything for entry of the url.  If the url is to be used in the browser, can’t it be done from the browser if one knows what the ipaddr is; or must the fact one is looking at the/a Dashboard page.  And is this done prior to the install procedure of the WDQuickView?  Or after the install?

I’ve looked at the user manual & don’t see a place in the MBL settings for entry/activating the ssh & it looks like the hidden url is not available when Dashboard isn’t available.  I can do a trial & error but don’t have the new drive yet & just would like to see a procedure that will provide info for reference.

I think that I did see an icon with the words to “secure” the drive & thought that it meant as advice to be used somewhere in the setup of the settings of the drive.  However, the only thing I encountered is to have a password for the “owner”.

Oh yeah, aside from not getting into Dashboard, the led is a flashing/blinking geen light which supposedly indicates that the drive is busy in reading/writing; then the reset in the back don’t reset anything, at least not the password for login which just returns the same page to enter the password for logging; if left blank it say invalid password.

Haven’t seen any ideas on how the WD QuickView & Dashboard got mangled…Definitely need an upgrade that make Quickview more stable & not disappear from the network devices that use the MBL as a media server.

This can only be done if you have normal access to the Dashboard UI.

IMPORTANT:   DO NOT forward the MyBook Live’s port 22 to the Internet on your router and DO NOT put your MyBook Live on your router’s DMZ!


On the subject of ssh access… how do I know if port forwarding is active? Is it important if you’ve changed the root password to something secure??

If you’ve not fiddled with with port forwarding on your router and not fiddled with the DMZ settings then port 22 will not be available outside of your network. If you leave the password for the Linux tooy user as the default welc0me and port 22 was available to the billions of people on the Internet then chances are someone will come across your MyBook Live and have FULL unauthorised access to your MyBook Live and all it’s files.

Regarding the port 22, I haven’t changed that part from the factory setting or other settings.

I do have a question about the MBL setting default of  “enable remote access”; I always disable the OS’s remote access “feature”.

If I also disable the MBL remote access, will the MBL still be able to be accessed by the DLNA clients on my local network?  Can I assume that the “remote access” meant someone from the internet as in either mobile units or whatever?

Remote access is to do with WD2GO to allow access to your MyBook Live from anywhere else. No more and no less. If you don’t wish to allow any sort remote access to your MyBook Live from outside your home network then disable “Remote Access” and “FTP”.

Disabling those two will not prevent DNLA stuff from working on your network.

if i attempt this and i get a “this web page cannot be found”, what am i doing wrong?

I would also like to know this… I get redirected to "cakePHP

It won’t work if you aren’t actually logged on via the WEB UI first.

Log into your MBL as normal.

When you see the MyBook Live Webpage with the “Settings / Users / Shares / …” menu,

MODIFY the URL in your browser address bar by adding “ssh” to the end of the string.

It needs to be in lower case letters.

It should look something like this:


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Thank you