Cannont access to dashboard

Hi everybody.

After reset  mybooklive, i can’t access to the dashboard. I can detect the mybooklive on my network but when i want to access to the ipadress of the drive or http://mybooklive with my brower, i got a blank page. I try to access directly to others location in the disk, like http://ipaddress/UI/ssh but still have a blank page… What can i do to fix this problem? Thank you very much for your help.



Are you able to try from a different browser or different computer? What java version you have installed on your computer?

Thank you for your response. I try with 3 browsers (firefox, chrome and IE) and nothing change. My java version is 7 update 55. But what is the relation with java?

I have been finding this issue ever since I upgraded to the current firmware version. The web server drops after a number of hours after rebooting & the dashboard is then obviously unavailable. I’m still awaiting a response to the case I raised with WD support.

How can you upgrade the firmware without access to the dashboard?

Hi LordTj, I think you mis-read my post. The issue appeared AFTER upgrading.
However, I do get access to the dashboard for a short period after each reboot before it dies. Is that the same for you?
I have enabled the ssh interface so that I can reboot cleanly when needed (I.e., ssh in & enter the reboot command; the only other way is through the dashboard).

Yes that exactly the same way has you. But now connect to the drive with ssh is impossible, the connection is refused. I don’t know what can I do…