Well that’s a shame: Failed drive on replacement PR4100

So… earlier this year (end of May 2022) my PR4100 failed after a firmware update. WD (to their credit) swiftly replaced it for me.
Roll forward to November and one of the HDD’s in the raid has failed!
Given this unit is used once per week as back up then shutdown it seems a shame the WD Red+ can’t cope!
Especially given the retail price for a14TB unit approaching £400.

Mean time before failure? - a few hours it seems.

Support ticket in (again) here hoping WD!:crossed_fingers:t2:

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Hi @Chocoa510,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hi Keerti_01
Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I have raised the incident with WD, made contact and hopefully will receive a replacement HDD.
My previous experience of WD support has been very good. They have acted professionally and promptly.

-Its a shame that the hardware build ( for “Pro”) seems a trifle unreliable, given the MSRP for 56TB of £3239.99
I have two units and now both have had faults in six months of ownership.
A whole drive unit failing (firmware), being replaced, then a HD drive in the replacement then failing. I guess MTBF has been tested here!
Fortunately, I follow the multiple backup rules and won’t loose any data.

My main reason for posting was just to raise awareness of this type of issue for the community.

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