Raid Degraded PR4100

If anyone can help or advise.

I have a WD My cloud PR4100 4x6tb red in raid 5

Had a message to say my raid has degraded, and one of the drives failed, so i did a disk test and sure enough it said a drive had failed, luckily i was still within my 3yr warranty so i sent it back to WD and they sent in a replacement, i put the new drive into the slot, and the system started rebuilding the raid. I thought great, thats that sorted, but it stopped after 5 or so minutes, and the light flashed red, and now it says that drive is failed as well.

If i take out the drive and put it back in, it reads that the drive is ok, and then starts rebuilding the raid again, only to again stop 5 minutes later and report a failed drive.

Not sure what to do now,? any suggestion would be appreciated.

Hello mintvilla,

I would suggest you to contact WD support in order to get the proper resolution.

Refer the link provided below for contact details.