WDTV Play not recognizing Plex installed on Ubuntu 14.04

I am running UBUNTU 14.04 and recently upgraded Plexmediaserver to the most recent version and now my WDTV Play no longer recognizes Plex, it does recognize my Windows media server on a separate computer as well as shared folders on my BlackBerry. Does anyone have any suggestions? My PS3 and my Rocku both still recognize the upgraded Plex

Do you have Plex clients installed on the PS3 and Roku or do they connect as DLNA clients? If the connect as Plex clients check to make sure your new Plex server has DLNA enabled.

thanks for the reply - Roku has Plex app, PS3 is DLNA client, Plex on Ununtu server is DLNA enabled

I think this is in the wrong forum.

The WD TV Play forum is here:


resolved by editing the ip address for the WD Play device