WDLive and Plex Server : I have a Plex Server and I get Message "No Media To Display"



I run WDTVLive with Firmware 2.01.86

I have used Serviio successfully as a Media Server. But I like the search capabilities of Plex and it’s integration and Casting with devices

I run Plex on a Windows Ultra 64 PC

But I set up a Plex Server and wish to change from Serviio to PLEX as a Media Server Source. When I change to the Plex Server Source in WDTV, I get a message stating there is no media.

Is there something simple I’m not doing.




Hi JRFishman,

You can have a look on below KBA in this concern.

If issue still persists, you may contact WD’s Technical Support about this.

The link below will allow you to call support.


Hi Jeff. Dumb question, but can you browse and play your media on another computer or device? I’m just ruling out that Plex isn’t sharing.

Assuming you’ve checked this, is there any DLNA switch in the Plex config?