WDTV Play and Hulu

Hi There,

I recently bought the WDTV Play and just got ita ll up and running. According to the WD website, I should have a HuluPlus app, but this app doesnt appear.

I am on firmware 1.05.47.

Any Ideas?

I know nothing about the WDTV Play … :neutral_face:

But i do know, the first question you will be asked … “Where do you live” ?

On the WDTV Play Onlive Services page …

*Hulu Plus subscription required. Available in the US only.

This is the SMP forum. I found a similar thread that has a solution by searching in the Play forum.


oops, you’re right ronmaz

hmmm … last post on that link you posted … let’s hope that’s the solution for muzzthegreat

Quote: StraussJ   “Found the solution!!”

Simply change your time region to ‘central America’ , apply and then say ‘restart device’.

Done. Hulu and Pandora listed :smiley:

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