First WD TV - Few Questions

Bought my first WD TV today. The new 2014 “Netflix-less” version. We have a Netflix account, so that’s a sort of bummer. But I was thinking of getting a Hulu Plus subscription as well to supplement it. Speaking of Hulu Plus…

  1. Where is the Hulu Plus app on the device? Granted, I haven’t hooked it up to the internet yet (staying at hotel), is this something I have to download to it?

  2. Themes. Are there themes compatible with this new version? Or will I need to wait for themes made specifically for this version? I was particularly looking at the Alaska Resurface theme.

If I can think of any other questions while I will ask, these are the only two so far I am wondering about.

So I was going to try to load the Alaska theme to see what happens via the web access page that I’ve read about (typing IP of WD in browser address bar)

I am wired straight into the wd tv. Using Firefox. I can ping the wd tv, but can’t access it via the web browser. I just get a page that says it can’t load.

I don’t have any trouble hitting this URL from my browser:  http://wdtvlive/

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I tried the address you gave and didn’t work either. So I tried different things and ended up being I needed to set the default gateway on both my laptop and the wdtv. I figured that I needed static ips and subnet, but didn’t think the gateway was needed. I’m straight wired into the wdtv, so maybe that’s got something to do with it. But after that, I was able to access the web interface using the wdtv ip, and loaded the Alaska theme, and it WORKS. I mean, I haven’t went through every menu or doing debugging, but it took the theme and loaded it, and it didn’t catch on fire.