WDTV Live Replacement

Does anyone know where I can get a new WDTV Live? My old one has died. I used it solely for connecting an external hard drive to watch downloaded movies. Can someone suggest a replacement product that I can do the same thing? Thank yo.

You won’t find any new WDTV Lives since WD stopped making them a decade ago.

2nd Hand/Pre-owned is all you’re gonna find these days.

Check the usual places … Ebay / Amazon / Facebook Marketplace / Private Sellers / 2nd Hand Shops etc etc.

Can someone suggest a replacement product that I can do the same thing?

i replaced all of my WDTV’s with Raspberry Pi’s (Kodi) back in 2014 … does the same thing + more and better, still very happy with it in 2023.

But if you don’t wanna DIY … there’s a Bazillion Android TV Boxes on the market today that’ll do the same thing as a WDTV with a lot more features (4K / HEVC / 10BIT etc) and lots of different prices to suit any budget. Again, sold online Ebay / Amazon / Alliexpress / Banggood etc etc

Thank you. Yes agreed there are all kinds of units available, but how do I know that it will connect to a portable HD and play my content? What do I look for in the product description? Thanks again.

External USB Hard Drive support

Virtually all Android Boxes with a USB Port will support an External Hard Drive … i would be flabbergasted if it didn’t.

The only limited factor would be the Maximum Capacity and File System Format supported.

Read the spec sheets, ask the seller, read reviews before buying.

Thank you

Thank you for all your help… I have a Fire Stick. Will that work? By work, I mean play downloaded movies from a portable hard drive?

I don’t own a Fire Stick … feel free to use Google Search

example search query : “amazon fire stick external storage”

1st search result below.

Thank you. I appreciate your help.

Any idea if I can use this android box?