Is there a similar product to the WDTV Live HUB?


Hi. I’ve only just discovered that my Live Hub is now a ‘legacy’ product. Looking through ‘Products’ on the WD homepage, it seems that they no longer make such media players - it’s all just storage devices. Is that right?

If so, why is that? If I can’t get a replacement Live Hub, what alternatives should I be looking at?

Thanks for any comments and suggestions offered.



There are other media players available, there is also the WD TV which has the same compatibility as the hub, but does not have a internal drive. Lets see if other users can share some suggestions or alternatives that might be better for you.


slice media player


Thanks guys. fender62, that looks very interesting. Do you use one?


Check out the Amazon Fire TV or other android streaming box. With Kodi loaded you can stream from your network drives as well as practically anywhere else. This combo makes the WDTV products obsolete.


you can install a hard drive into these android boxes and also run kodi so multimedia


Best T8 V Android TV Box support up to 2 TB internal Hard Drive, 2 GB RAM, 16GB ROM and Premium hardware from Trusted Seller


The world is moving to streaming. Media players with a hard drive seem to be a thing of the past :frowning:


It doesn’t support DD 5.1 or DTS if that matters.