WD TV Live Equivalent?

Since Western Digital no longer builds devices like the WD TV Live unit, has anyone come across another device that would be similar to it? And by that I mean a device that will access and play media on our own network and not rely on external streaming companies?


Lets wait for other users to comment on this. Unfortunately I cant help you with this since I have no knowledge about another device capable of this.

I have a Rasberry Pi3 with OSMC installed on a WD Pidrive that I use for playing movies and shows. If you’re not familiar with RPi, then I would look into other things like the Firestick, Roku, etc. I’m not sure how many set top boxes there are out there anymore.

This question has been asked many MANY times in these WD forums. You obviously did no homework here on this question – you just fired off your question. I suggest you search all the different WDTV forums for some suggestions.

For a short answer to get you started, I will tell you there are android boxes that can play your media, there is a free app called Kodi that can be a good sub for WDTV, some of the boxes can run it, even a FireTV can run it. I have affordable Fire TV sticks (w/Kodi) on TVs playing my media. It is almost as good as a WDTV, and can sub for them in a pinch. I still prefer my WDTV most of the time.

I have a Fire Stick also. I haven’t set up my NAS drive yet, so I can’t watch any of my shows.

Bill, do you need help setting up Kodi on a Fire stick?