WDTV Live Plus Media Servers

I have windows XP

And I’m running the latest firmware.

When I install a media server program it works really good the first time. When I’m done i turn the wdtv and turn it on the next time… Theres nothing in media servers, I press it and nothing happens. I restart the media server and still nothing.

The solution I found is to uninstall and reinstall the media server (this is effective 50% of the time). I would really like to go on without uninstalling and restalling software. How do I make this work?

I should say that I’ve only started using media servers a day or two ago.

So this isn’t and issue that just suddenly started happening.

I hate to say it, but the WD TV Live Plus absolutely **bleep** at connecting to a network. I recommend cutting your losses and getting a unit that works. The WD TV Live Plus is not supported and is buggy to say the least.