Media Server Issue?

I’ve recently swapped Media players from the Asus Air to the WD Live Plus… Asus air just kept crashing and such and was just annoying…  I was initially happy with the WD Live Plus, but for some reason I can get it to retreve my Media share movies, but only occasionally…seems that when I restart the device and let it sit for a minute I can see my movies shared from my pc (running Win 7 wth a ext 3 TB harddrive)  I have also upgraded the firmware on the device to the latest.

As said earlier,  Sometimes it will load my movies but more often than not…it doesn’t, and if I select a movie and go back it sometimes loses network connection…or as I’m scrolling through my list of movies it will just give me that blue spinning thing and not load or continue until I press the back button on the remote and then it loses the server files but can still see the host.

I’ve tried running this on my PS3 and it works flawlessly and quick, but I do not want to put it in the living room.

Any help would be appreciated

Were you able to resolve your Network issues?

If not, the links below might be able to help you: