WDTV Live Plus doesn't appear in Windows 7 Network (but it can see Win 7 PC)

As the title says I have a situation where I can’t see my WDTV Live Plus on my Win 7 (ultimate) PC, but the WDTV Live can see the PC and connect and play content from its hard drives.

I have a second WDTV Live (non-Plus) and it is working in both directions as it should.

I have had these things for years and have often had problems with the network always dropping out between the WDTV lives and the PC, but always in the other direction - i.e. the WDTV can’t see the PC, but now I have the reverse. basically the networking on these things is pretty **bleep** I think - but I slog away and restart my computer every few days as the WDTV live has lost the network share with my computer … AGAIN. Despite all this however, I have always been able to connect from my PC to the WDTV Live and whatever HDDs are plugged into it - for years. Now all of a sudden I can’t - I made no changes to firmware or anything like that, just restarted and it was gone. I have checked all setttings in the WD, but they are all fine (as you would expect since I can connect to other computers on my network.

 I have searched, but everyone always has the usual problem of the WDTV not seeing their computer and I can’t find anything on the reverse.

You will need to troubleshoot this starting by the router

something is blocking the connection from the PC to the WD TV

the fact that you can see all media just fine from the WD TV to the PC shows you that device is working