WDTV Live Hub 1tb System files

Hi everybody.

After googling and reading A LOT…! 

I can’t seem to find a list of which files are supposed to be on the HDD.

The problem is that the WDTV box can’t read all my media files all of a sudden, but disassemble the box and put the HDD directly to my PC i can see all… So my question is:

What files can i delete or replace with new for it to work again?

Even when i go to settings on the box and find the hdd management it can’t find the drive…

What to do?

Kind regards.

If it can’t find the drive, but the drive is known to be working, then your Hub appears to be toast.

You got nothing to loose at this point I would try this before I just gave up…


Hook it back up to the PC and backup all YOUR files.

Then use Windows disk management and delete all the partitions on the hub’s drive this will erase everything! Make SURE you select the correct hard drive!

When it’s done DO NOT make any new partitions or format it. Put it back in the Hub and see if it finds it now. If it does tell the Hub to format it and it will restore the files it needs to the drive. Just as if you bought a new hard drive…same deal. Then, if it works, pull it out hook it back up to PC and put your stuff back on it. Then put it back in the Hub.